About Us

TechXplorers provides a perfect platform for children (age 5-18) to explore technology and develop coding skills in a fun filled environment, designed to engage and motivate youngsters to learn.

Why Coding?

Coding is the language of the future. Think Uber, Facebook, Airbnb and Google, these are products made with code. We believe this is the language that children need to learn. Our goal is to stimulate the minds of the next generation of tech superstars in Nigeria and empower them to build products that can change the world.

Code, in this sense, is a philosophical framework for thinking about how to better the world. By gaining this skill you are learning a craft that shapes the world, and with that will come opportunities to change the world.

  • Coding is a highly engaging, fun and empowering skill to learn
  • Learning how to code teaches you how to think
  • Coders are architects of the future
  • Coding boosts confidence and improves problem solving skills

Summer Camp 2017

Are you ready to join us for a week of fun, excitement, creativity, logic, problem solving and coding? Design and code your very own games, animation and app that you'll be able to take home to share family and friends!

We’ll start with the basics, of course! First-time coders will learn to code. Experienced coders will be able to build and share their own games and apps from Day 1!

Campers will learn the basics of robotics by programming with the latest and greatest in consumer technology including ozobot and cubetto. Our platform interfaces directly with the devices so kids will be able to apply the coding skills they’ve learned immediately

Over the course of the week, campers will have an opportunity to synthesize everything they’ve learned to build their own games and apps. At the end of the week, campers will be able to showcase their creations and share them with friends and family.

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